12:44 pm December 27th, 2013

silence on the radio
is still noise
the meaningless static
gives way to perceptions
from beyond

the darkest hole of your subconscious
will voice its terrifying statementĀ in that moment
and it did

I’m not exactly real

I lunged out of my seat and ran to the communal kitchen
poured coffee that has been brewed
through paper towels

it was old
a slight amount of dairy creamer
I began to sip and stare

“what is my exit strategy?”
was my only thought

I knew that if I were to run away
basically as far as I could
IĀ could escape the history in which I found myself sitting uncomfortably

not to break character here, but this was terribly misguided
i was clearly not thinking correctly
but you should have implied that from the last
line of the last poem
i had emotionally shut down
so i was far less perceptive to my reality
you can assume my decision making is now flawed
until there is a later character development

I took a deep and satisfying sip of coffee
I looked out to the street below
to see a micro-burst
dust blew up and spun like a little tornado
some scaffolding fell over and made a
terrible clunk

I need to leave this town.