3:22am April 14th, 2012

I gasp in the night
wake up
get out of bed and walk to the other room
sit in the chair
something woke me in my sleep

I had not heard as much as a peep
a whisper
or anything that resembled anything like her dark and destructive melody
in recent times

but I awoke tonight
with one thing on my mind
the void

I tried to do some yoga by the window
looking out at the city sky
I stretched my arms to the side
and thought about what it would be like to fly
but my thoughts tasted terrible
they were laced with a poisoned fluid
a despicable goo

I had a grimm-like feeling which I couldn’t quite identify
I sat down on the floor

I knew what this was
but I ignored the true case
I had my life on my mind
and I didn’t have time for distraction
ignorance was going to be my new tactic
I couldn’t let her ruin my days again
I turned off, I shut down
there was nothing to feel now.