7:22 pm August 6th, 2013

I’m alone in my car,
driving through the middle of South Dakota
my aim is to make it to Denver by midnight
I have calculated the time of arrival
my expectations have not changed

the sun is begining to set
when it gets really dark here
it feels more overwhelming
than when you are near city lights

scott and I were driving through Nebraska once
in the middle of the night
upwards of 100mph, trying to make up time
when we saw a goat or something
in the middle of the highway

I braked hard
and quickly manuvered us to the other lane
we avoided a collision
and we felt so happy
we celebrated for an hour afterward

this ride is lonelier
there is not much to celebrate
or at least that’s how I feel

I stop off at an oasis
get out of the car to stretch my legs

all the truck drivers
they must be like me

I got a twinge of envy
when I thought about how many highway sunsets they must have seen
in the middle of nowhere
alone in the trucks with small TVs

I go inside to grab some water and something else
literally everything is dry food
and it reminds me of childhood snacks
I end up leaving with just the water

never feel very hungry on the road

it’s been many miles now that I haven’t played
a single song
I used to never plan a trip without knowing exactly what I was going to listen to

but I’m in my head
watching the sun turn into a colored sky
and watching that colored sky grow dark
the whole time.